Getting a Small Business Line With the Help of Fundbox

In 2018, the average Small Business Administration loan amount was $107,000.

Finding capital is one of the top priorities for a startup. Yet, with all the offerings out there, it can be difficult to find the right loan for your business.

That’s why we’re guiding you through the pros and cons of one company that lends entrepreneurs the help they need. That company is Fundbox.

Wondering whether Fundbox is the right choice for your growing company? Then keep reading because this one’s for you (apply for Fundbox through CapFront by clicking here).

Who is Fundbox?

Founded in 2013, Fundbox is a San Francisco-based startup that offers revolving lines of credit for small businesses.

CEO Eyal Shinar was formerly employed by Battery Ventures, a technology venture capital and private equity firm. Shinar has a history of working in finance and fintech, which has lent well to his role at Fundbox.

The company recently announced a $176 million equity financing deal to move into a new space: B2B payments.

Should You Get a Fundbox Small Business Line of Credit? 

The turnaround time on a Fundbox line is incredible. As soon as you’re approved, Fundbox immediately makes financing available to you. You request the amount you need and Fundbox transfers your funds within one business day.

Another attractive feature of Fundbox is that qualifying is easy. You must have a personal credit score of 600 or higher and work with a qualifying bank provider for approval.

Fundbox small business lines are unsecured with no personal guarantee required. That means if your business defaults on the line, Fundbox won’t go after your personal accounts or assets.

Finally, Fundbox offers the option to start paying on your line early. This is refreshing in a world where many lenders penalize borrowers for trying to save on fees. Apply for Fundbox through CapFront by clicking here.

The Downsides to Fundbox

Of course, all the amazing benefits of Fundbox small business lines come with a couple of downsides. They have a relatively high APR compared to a bank line of credit. You’ll also have to pay a fee once per week for the entirety of your repayment term.

Another downside is that repayment terms are relatively rigid. You must pay back your line of credit within 3 or 6 months.

The biggest downside to Fundbox? They limit the amount small businesses can borrow to $100,000. If your business needs to borrow more, you’ll have to look elsewhere to find a loan for your small business.

CapFront: A Better Way to Secure Small Business Funding

For some small businesses, Fundbox is the way to go (apply for Fundbox through CapFront by clicking here), but if you need a loan for more than $100k or a better deal on interest, CapFront can still lend you a hand.

Do you have bad credit or need a small business loan fast? CapFront can help fund your business within a couple of days of your application date, whether your credit is good or not. Apply for small business financing today and you won’t have to worry about your credit taking a hit.