CapFront, with offices conveniently located right next to the Bayside train station in Queens, was founded in 2017 on the premise of creating a professional, friendly, and ethical business funding marketplace in an unregulated industry that seriously lacks companies with those qualities. While we have the ability to fund directly, our current focus is on further strengthening our relationships with our network of small business lenders that have been continuously developing over the past 10 years of our combined industry experience.

Why join our team?

CapFront provides its brokers with the ultimate industry experience because it's owned and operated by former business funding brokers who were dismayed by all of the negative attributes of your typical broker shop, particularly the lack of willingness of team leaders to actually teach their managers not just the basic pitch, but also the product, the ins-and-outs of packaging files and talking to underwriters, closing, and basically any other tool to help move beyond simply cold-calling and connecting.


We modeled ourselves to be the polar opposite of those’s how we’re different:

  • True upward mobility with fast-paced advancement towards closing deals, talking to underwriters and building your own team
  • Paid training and mentorship by the most knowledgeable, dedicated and well-respected individuals in the industry
  • Access to an expansive suite of industry-leading small business lenders offering bank and nonbank term loans, unsecured lines of credit, factoring, equipment financing, SBA loans, PPP loans, and asset-based lending (including commercial real estate) to win every deal
  • Ability to cross-sell a growing suite of ancillary products currently including credit card processing and credit repair
  • Warm leads generated from multiple channels: inbound from direct mailers, email blasts, and digital advertising; outbound from targeted triggers and recent/accurate UCCs appended by D&B
  • A full-service CRM system with a cutting-edge auto-dialer and automated marketing processes
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